Just had to tell you how much the Ladycare has helped me and my friend.

I was on HRT but was still having hot flushes all through the day and night. I happened to see your advert and decided to look you up online. My friend had been diagnosed with breast cancer and she also had to come off of HRT and was suffering terribly.

Your site said that the ladycare could be used on cancer patients so I told her about it.


I have been using it for 3 weeks now. OMG I couldn't believe that my flushes stopped almost immediately! I feel great! My friend has been using it for a week or two and she has also seen a huge difference. I work in a call centre with a lot of 50+ women. I have been telling them all about it. I should be on commission!!

Thank you so much. Ladycare has been life changing.

From Leicester

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