I started wearing my ladycare magnet in October 2015, as constant hot flushes were overtaking my life. Sleeplessness and night sweats too. I research a while read reviews and ordered my magnet thinking it probably not that good! After around one month of wearing it plus some advice/reassurance from ladycare team I no longer have much thoughts on menopause. Menopause does not concern me as I have no longer have any noticeable symptoms. I would recommend ladycare to any friend...s around me, it's the best investment you can treat yourself to. It's less than the cost of a haircut or a meal out.
It's holistic - no drugs
It's simple - I take it off when I take my watch off to shower.
It's small and easy!
Ladycare team were super supportive. Thank you Derek and team💕
I've no plans to put myself through the misery of CONSTANT hot flushes again.
I love it.
Thank you Ladycare 🌺

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